Top 5 Experiences to have in Telangana
Travel Destination October 27, 2022

Top 5 Experiences to have in Telangana

With winter approaching, the perfect time to do some travelling and exploring is just around the corner. One of the most preferred southern states to visit during this time of the year is Telangana. Standing true to its tagline “it’s all in it”, the state resonates around a wide range of outdoor expeditions and cultural explorations. Topped with winter beauty, the state also offers some beautiful scenic locations that lure you towards them to create wonderful memories with your loved ones. This edit from Feriado Resorts is a guide to the top 5 experiences that one must go through when one steps foot in this state of wondrous beauty, tradition and culture.

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If you are among the ones who are too exhausted mentally, emotionally or physically from the hustle bustle of daily life, then reading this edit might be a sign for you to take a break and experience life in its best way. A Road Trip. Yes, you read that right. A road trip on the roads of Telangana. Views of the passing hills, the sight of country roads, the touch of locals and the gorgeous views of nature. All of these are packed within 200-250 km from the city of nawabs to the heart of Telangana. Be it a weekend with your friends or a long vacation with your family, the roads of Telangana have something to offer for everyone. A calming stop at Feriado Resorts, with a lot of scenic locations nearby, can be the solution to all your stay problems too. So, irrespective of how busy or bored you are, get ready, and head out to experience one of the best places near hyderabad for a road trip that make you wish the journey never ends.

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Stargazing In Telangana India

A few experiences go way beyond than what our five senses seem to offer. One of them includes stargazing. This activity takes you to a world beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Galaxies, planets, star clusters, nebulae, it leaves you marvelling at the most unimaginable sights of this universe. If you too wish to explore this landscape of the night, Feriado Resorts, outside Hyderabd, is just the right weekend destination for you. Situated in the midst of greens away from the pollution and hustle-bustle of the city, we take you to the starry world of the unknown with our expert astronomical sights and guidance. A cherry on the top is some of the curated experiences that we offer you and your loved ones. So get ready to step into the best stargazing places in Telangana and experience the world of dark with a clear night sky and stars glittering like diamonds.

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places to visit near hyderabad within 200 kms - EXPERIENCE BETWEEN TREES

One of the most rejuvenating adventure activities is taking a walk amidst nature. Tucked away in a quite pocket of Telangana, lies Feriado Resorts, a holiday destination near Hyderabad, which is situated between the very therapeutic Kongala forest. You can simply take a trail in this beautiful woodland and experience the sight of the forest shrouded in mist with a clear blue sky above it or what we call “going on a forest therapy”. The green of the trees along with the sight of beautiful birds surely does make this a perfect place for birdwatching too. Don’t forget to carry your pair of binoculars as you may not want to miss out on the true beauty of this forest.

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Music, barbecue, dance, guitar and a lot of fun. Yes, Feriado Resorts offers you one of the most curated experience in Telangana. A bonfire with all your loved ones! With the temperature dropping and a rise of the aura of winters, a weekend getaway from a hustling city like Hyderabad surely calls for a bonfire and some exquisite times by the river. Set at a charming location amidst the hills, its scenic views and the woodland, the definition of a perfect weekend getaway is everything that glistenes when the weather is just right. Come visit Ferido Resorts and enjoy the pleasant weather during the day, along with cosying up with your loved one in front of a fire when the sun goes down.

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Unlike many other water adventure sports, boating and kayaking are loved by people of all age groups. The feeling of utmost tranquility over water is what gives this activity an edge over others. At Feriado Resorts, we make this experience available to you at the pristine waters of Tadvai lake where you can at once indulge into paddling into a pool of cool blue. Along with this you can also visit the very famous “Niagra of Telangana” or the Bogatha Waterfalls that is surely a roraing beauty. Set amidst the greens, Bogatha Waterfalls near Hyderabad can let you enjoy a nature trail, a jump for a refreshing dip in the natural pool and a follow of adrenaline rush throughout this experience.

So what are you waiting for? Come, visit Telangana and indulge yourself into the must have top 5 experiences of the state.

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