A Typical Day at Feriado Resorts
Travel Destination March 04, 2022

A Typical Day at Feriado Resorts

Fun things to do and experience

How does an average day at a resort unfold for you? Do you have any particular schedule which you like to follow, or are you one of the people who like doing things the impromptu way?

If adventure runs in your blood, we know you will forever be looking out for new places and things to do on thrilling vacations. There are a lot of famous and saturated places that you must have ticked off on your bucket list, and now is the time to enjoy some better and more beautiful offbeat places or resorts for day outings that offer new opportunities to dwell in your adrenaline rush.

A trip to Feriado Resorts, located near Hyderabad, Telangana, can be your next upcoming travel destination. Whether you’re the one that is looking for physical exercise and adventure or just some scenic exploration and relaxation, we offer you an all-inclusive activity landing place.
Escape from the busy life of cities and look out for our top activity opportunities for endless fun.

In this edit, we will take you through the journey of a typical fun day at Feriado Resorts.

Weekends are the best part of the week and we are sure you do not want to spend them at home after being locked in for many months.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

Say Aloha to fresh mornings!!

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation at feriado resort

Yoga and meditation are some of the most impactful ways to achieve a state of relaxation. Feriado Resorts have a central garden with courtyards, big trees and lawns that present a very old-world charm. Get ready to unwind and energize in the morning bliss of the resort. With ample space to enjoy yoga sessions and dwell in the peace of meditations, you can relax while soaking in the views of the wilderness. Breathe in the fresh air and start your day with complete awareness and energy.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

For the ones who like exercise!!


cycling at feriado resorts

Another great beginning to your morning can be choosing the option to cycle. With a cycling path covering the entire resort, get ready to wheel your stress away. Choose to pedal all by yourself or challenge your group to a race; both ways, we are sure you will begin your mornings with a blast. Cycling is a great option for all the explorations and adventures to and fro in the resort for all individuals or groups. A cycle tour in the mountains and forests or whooshing through parks can make for a charming and unforgettable introduction to the greens of Feriado Resorts. Savor your freedom to explore and discover the beauty of Telangana at your leisure.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

Paradise just a paddle away!!


Kayaking at tadvai feriado resorts

Whether you’ve done it before or not, Kayaking is the most playful and exciting adventure activity, safe for people of all ages and can be done any number of times. Enjoy the gorgeous vistas of Tadvai lake, kayaking among its serene waters to enjoy on your getaway. Soak yourself in the rays of the sun shining upon the water around you, or simply work up a sweat. For the adventurous, this can be your perfect vacation activity.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

Trek or trail!!

Nature Activities

Nature Activities at feriado resorts

Feriado Resorts is known for its natural beauty, and exploring nature from its core is an important activity at the resort that should be on your bucket list the moment you sign up for Telangana. Beginning from a simple nature trail through the weaves of jungle to exotic safaris around the forest area, nature activities can prove to be an enthralling experience for each and everyone. Feriado offers many opportunities for all adventurers to push their limits and bring themselves to experience an unparalleled thrill in the hills of Tadvai.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

All’s well that ends well!

Bonfire after a tiring day

Bonfire at feriado resorts

Life is always better around a campfire, and we at Feriado Resorts curate one just for you. It is our idea of a great night. Stargazing and enjoying the flames can be your way to end a fantastic staycation near Hyderabad in Telangana. Enjoy the silence and music of a bonfire night and get ready to make new memories worth revisiting. Start with a luxury setting, add in endless activities almost as epic as the stunning views and enjoy a beautiful evening with your special one.


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