Best resorts near Hyderabad to stay in 2022!
Travel Destination January 17, 2022

Best resorts near Hyderabad to stay in 2022!

Are you another wandering soul who is in search of a beautiful and luxurious place to spend your 2022 vacations at resorts near Hyderabad? We know you definitely need to rejuvenate your mind and soothe your soul in these fast times and what can be better than going close to nature.

Beautifully landscaped and a view soothing to city eyes, Feriado Resorts is one of the best places with exclusive ambience, great food and courteous staff. Located in Tadvai and Bogatha, Feriado makes sure you will fall in love with it’s properties.

Bestowing to nature’s fineries and sights, Feriado Resorts is a place where your soul awakens. All those iridescent hues of the sky, the blooms of flora, the greens of grass and the serenity in life. You will find it all. With amicable hospitality and fully sanitized facilities in both the locations, we are sure you will rate our properties the best resorts to stay ever.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

Weekend Getaways at Tadvai

With Feriado Resorts at Tadvai, get ready to turn that “Bah” into “Aha”. We give you tons of memories to cherish and stories to tell. The resort is a perfect scenic retreat for wayfarers seeking the ultimate relaxation experience along with living in the wilderness of nature. Surrounded by trees, it offers the best vantage point, where you can take time to relax and unwind on your perfect holidays with us. And that’s just the beginning.

We offer 24X7 quality room service for you to disconnect from mundane and everyday tasks. Our manicured lawns set in bliss and villas that command appreciation, at Feriado Resorts, your stress will melt away like the sun at dusk.

Set in Tadvai, Feriado Resorts is also close to a number of beautiful destinations and undiscovered spots with a number of activities to embark in these coves of nature.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

Nature Walks

You can never leave the stillness without going through the trail of nature on The Blackberry Island. Visited by both national and international tourists, it is known as the island of calmness, and a place where you can go to slow down, reflect and engage in enjoyable activities. They are a house to mystical charms. With serenely quiet and undisturbed surroundings, little time spent on these islands is enough to make you feel connected to yourself.

Explore the place when you visit Feriado Resorts, the jungle resort near Hyderabad.

Feriado Resort Tadvai


Where else other than Laknavarm lake to sail your dreams? This body of serene water promises a perfect break from the chaos and pollution of cities. Nestled amidst the hills, the Laknavaram lake is a spectacular waterbody which is well known for its wonderful hanging bridge.The twisty road, with forests on both sides and the lake, every journey to this bountiful beauty turns memorable. Explore the lake and the bridge when you visit Feriado Resorts.

Feriado Resort Tadvai

For the ancient site lovers

Known for its historical richness and architectural excellence, Ramappa temple is an architectural marvel with beautifully engraved pillars. It is a sure addition to every traveler’s bucket list. In spite of being decades old and witnessing various invasions and wars over the course of time, Ramappa Temple still stands majestically, creating a mesmerising impression on every visitor. Visit this architectural beauty and book your stay at Feriado Resorts today!

Wrapping up the beautiful story of Feriado Resorts in Tadvai, we welcome you to capture the resort’s beauty on your cameras and ofcourse Instagram. With a listing of only top 3 activities, we have left the stage open for you to explore all the hidden ones. Look out for the tranquil land and engage your vacation with the best.

Come immerse yourself in nature at Tadvai.

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